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Safes and Cameras


Safes and Cameras are great ways to increase the security of your valuables and homes.  Safes provide a well protected place for all of your important items and cameras are great for deterring criminals as well as giving you video proof of who broke in to provide to the Police and Insurance Companies



Safes are a great way to store your valuables without having to go to a bank and rent out a Safety Deposit Box. They are convenient as you can get a safe to place anywhere in your house while also providing added security incase somewhere were to break into your home. A great option for students who live on campus is one of our Bed Safes (Pictured on the left).

We also do safe work such as: Scarmbled combs, Lock Outs, Combination changes and instalation




We offer a range of user friendly cameras  for your security needs.  Cameras are a great addition to any home or business as they provide you with the peace of mind that you can always monitor your entrances and exits. 

Cameras are also great deterrents as simply the presence of them will make people think twice about trying to enter your doors.

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