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New Fire Rated Door
Brand new installation of a Fire Rated Hollow Metal Door
New Closer installed on Hollow Metal Door
Inside Shot
Picture of the inner side of a newly installed Hollow Metal Door
Broken Frame (Before)
Someone broke into this house through this door and we were called to fix the frame and make it more secure. (See Next Picture)
Broken Frame (After)
After some precise work, we reinforced the frame with a piece of metal and installed a new deadbolt on the door as well, making this point of entry greatly secured
Subway Door (BEFORE)
This door has moved out of alignment from years of continuous use. This caused the door to eventually drop and become difficult to open and close as well as damaging the closer.
Subway Door (BEFORE)
A side shot of the misaligned door.
Subway Door (AFTER)
After taking off the door, replacing the hinges and the door closer, the subway door is now working as it was on it's first day.
Subway Door (AFTER)
Side shot of completed job.
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